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PSW Jobs Tips – Tip #2 PSW Scope of Practice

Posted by | July 3, 2009 | Articles

PSW Jobs Tips – Tip #2 PSW Scope of Practice

On this website you will find numerous mentions of the PSW Scope of Practice. What exactly does this mean?

The scope of practice is outlined by a piece of legislation by the Regulated Health Professions Act of 1991. It was developed for use by Nurses and has been carried over into the personal support worker profession.

Here is a sample nursing scope of practice:

The practice of nursing is the promotion of health
and the assessment of, the provision of, care for, and
the treatment of, health conditions by supportive,
preventive, therapeutic, palliative and rehabilitative
means in order to attain or maintain optimal function.
(Nursing Act, 1991)

Along with this there is a set of controlled acts. I’m not going to get into this rather dry subject matter here. If you’re interested you can click this link to be taken College Nurses of Ontario reference document.

To keep things simple, its best to assume that a PSW Scope of Practice Job will consist of tasks that you completed during your co-op training, along with doing things in a controlled and safe manner as outlined by your employee.