Sample Resume / Cover Letter

Rob Meyer, a fictional person, is the subject of the following application samples for a personal support worker position. He’s been in the field three years, has graduated from a PSW course at Mohawk College, has held two part-time jobs in the field. His previous work experience was during his high school & early college days at McDonalds.

The position that he is applying to is a real job posting. You can view the posting here – LINK

The cliff notes version of the posting:

…home care company provides services to help seniors remain independent and comfortable in their homes or care facilities…looking for compassionate and caring individuals… must have PSW certification…Help seniors maintain the cleanliness of their homes…Requirements for all positions • 2 years of experience • CPR and First Aid certification • WHMIS •

The included resume contains many of the traits and skills that Rob would have picked up with previous work experience.

The cover letter is personalized and directed towards the specific job opportunity. Notice that the letter includes the hiring manager’s name, and company address. The letter is also rather lengthy and has been personalized to the position.

This combination of a very indepth, personalized cover letter and a detailed resume should give Rob a strong chance of an interview and position.

Please take this resume and edit it to fit your own specific skills & traits. If you have an feedback on this resume, how to improve upon it or if you’ve found success with it please let us know via email or by posting a message on our facebook wall.

Files in various formats:


.doc (microsoft office, apple pages)
.odt (open office freeware, download program at
.pdf (adobe acrobat reader, non-write file)

Cover Letter

.doc (microsoft office, apple pages)
.odt (open office freeware, download program at
.pdf (adobe acrobat reader, non-write file)

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