PSW Jobs Tips – Tip #3 Always Send Resumes in .Doc or .PDF Format

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PSW Jobs Tips – Tip #3 Always Send Resumes in .Doc or .PDF Format

Most PSW employers require applicants to send resumes in .doc (microsoft word) format and/or .pdf (adobe acrobat) format. For those without access to Microsoft Word there exists two free word processor alternatives.

Both save in .doc and .pdf format. Select the software that will corresponds with your operating system (Windows or Mac).


Open Office

Open office is a free software program that allows users to save and read .doc format files. It also includes programs similar to excel and powerpoint. To save as a .PDF click the icon that is located to the left of the print icon within the open office toolbar


Neo Office

The best free software for the Mac is neo office. It is similar to open office but is native to Mac O/S. To save as a .doc file make sure to format as microsoft word or export as .doc. To save as a .pdf select save as .pdf file once in save mode or select the print button, then the drop down menu for save as .pdf

Tip: When in doubt send your personal support worker resume in both formats. If you are allowed to send only one choose .doc format.

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