Job Seeker FAQ

Job Seekers, get the most out of by using the following suggestions when applying for positions listed on this website.

Do not Apply within the Comments Section

I’ve seen a few people apply within the comment section. This is a bad idea for two reasons. The first is companies will always contact someone that has taken the time to contact them first. Secondly, your information (phone number, etc) is out in the open for the world to see.

Apply via the Proper Channels

At the bottom of each job posting is a set of instructions on how to apply. This usually includes an email address, fax or phone number. When in doubt you can always use our ‘apply online’ button. When using the apply online button all messages are sent directly to the employers email address.

Post your Resume on our Site

Less than 50% of registered users have submitted a resume to our site. It should take less than 10 minutes to sign-up for a free username & post your resume on our site. It is a great resource for job seekers.

Make your Resume ‘Public’ user resumes are only visible to verified employers. When you set your resume to ‘public’ only the verified employers can see the resume. It does not show up in search engines. When you set a resume to private only you can see it, not the employer. Set your resume to public and employers will actually contact you directly.

When Applying Include Enough Information

Employers are after professional PSW’s. When applying, it does not look professional to post a message such as:

“Hi, my name is Tony and I would like the job. Please call me at 905-555-5555″

Always attach at minimum a resume. A cover letter is always a great idea. You can find a cover letter here on our website.

Tailor Your Information To Each Position , Employer

Tailor your information to each employer. Let’s say company 224X has posted a position. Something as simply as

 “Hi, I’ve heard great things about 224X and I’d like to apply for a position at your company. I’ve attached my resume. If you have any questions please contact me at…”

If the position is at a retirement residence, make sure to highlight any past retirement residence experience. Simply little fixes such as these show the employer that you are a professional, thoughtful individual and thus will increase your chances at obtaining the position.